Bridge by Ketchapp


Shift from bridge to bridge to get as far as you can


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Bridge by Ketchapp is a 3D arcade game where your objective is to cross as many bridges as you possibly can. Remember though, you'll need to shift and turn them quickly so your character can jump from one bridge to another in time before it crumbles.

System controls in the game are very simple: just tapping on your screen makes any bridge in sight rotate. That way, you'll get to try to create a continuous path for your character who'll be running head first in a straight line no matter which perils come in their way.

The first time you play Bridge, your character is just a plain old yellow cube. But, as you make you way up the ranks, leveling up and gaining different colored crystals, you'll get to unlock new characters. Finding several different characters will allow you to change things up a bit, without altering gameplay in any way, but it does spice things up a little.

Bridge is a quintessential Ketchapp game. Its simple, but addictive gameplay with colorful visually-pleasing graphics make is a perfect addition for players who are after a challenge and want short matches that won't last more than one to two minutes.

Android 4.0 or higher required.